Date/Time (UTC)
Timestamp of report(UTC)
Callsign of the UserThis is important for routing!
This must be the callsign without any attachments
An optional terminal ID may be configured at the 8th position (A-Z).
'red' callsigns have not been registered.
Callsign and terminal ID must be registered to work in a trust network!
ID4 digit user defined text
Repeater 1Field from DSTAR header.
This is the callsign of the repeater where this transmission was received.
Module ID at 8th position:
'A': SHF/23cm
'B': UHF/70cm
'C': VHF/2m
Repeater 2Field from DSTAR header.
This is usually the callsign of the gateway where the transmission was transferred to the internet.
Gateway-ID 'G' at the 8th position.
Destination CallsignRouting destination:
- User-Callsign for callsign routing
- '/' followed by callsign and repeater module at the 8th position for area routing
- 'CQCQCQ' when using reflectors.
Dest Rptr
Destination RepeaterCallsign of the repeater or reflector to which this transmission was sent.
This field is empty if not reported or the transmission was not sent via the network.
Click reflector call to get user list.
TX messagemax. 20 characters user defined text
Statistic of the transmission:- Fms:number of frames
- t: time in sec
- S%: Silence frames in %
- Err%: bit error rate in %
12024-03-18 17:47:45HB9AHD______HB9W___BHB9W___GCQCQCQ__DCS003_BHans_/_IC-E92D______177/3.5/0.0/0.0
22023-12-30 14:59:00HB9WNM__PAULHB9W___BHB9W___GCQCQCQ______________________________40/0.8/0.0/0.0
32020-07-05 18:55:06HB9TKK______HB9W___BHB9W___G_______U________LS__*54_____________68/1.4/0.0/0.0
Total available records: 3